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Stock# 47283

Second edition of Rossi's map of North America, based upon Sanson's seminal map, but with revised Italian nomenclature, from Rossi's Mercurio Geographico….

The map includes a detailed California as an Island on Sanson's model, early open ended Great Lakes (one of the earliest appearances of the 5 Great Lakes) and a mislocated pre-La Salle/Jolliet/Hennepin Mississippi configuration, pushed well west of its true location and quite speculative in its course.

Nice detail in the Spanish southwest along the Rio Grande, locating Taos and Santa Fe in the north and identifying Cibola. A number of early Indian names, including the Apaches and Zuni appear. A Lago de Oro is shown off the Gulf of California. Quivera appears in modern day Texas, along with Granada. The East Coast of North America includes many early place names, including N. Amsterdam, Chesapeake, Powhata, Gotheburg (an early Swedish Settlement), Bristou London, Plimouth, Nassau, Elsinburg, R. Iourdain, etc.