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Remarkable Anti-American Dutch Language World War II Propoganda Map

A rare example of a use of the Octopus in Anti-American Propoganda.

In this image, the Octopus, representing the United States, is seen with its tentacles being cut from the west by the Japanese Air Force in Alaska and the Philippines, with images of German U-Boat sinking Amiercan ships in the Atlantic.

The title translates as follows:

Roosevelt was counting wrong! The tentacles of the Dollar Octopus are being cut. The Jews in the White House and the gold in Fort Knox will soon be surrounded by young people, by the armies of labor.

Lou Manche

Emile Louis (Lou) Manche (1908 - 1982 ) was a Dutch sculptor , illustrator , printmaker , ceramicist , artist , wall painter and glazier. He studied with, among others, August Falise and Peter Butcher jr. At the Royal College of Art, Technology and Craft in 's-Hertogenbosch and then the Amsterdam rijksakademie under Richard Roland Holst. Art critic Jos de Gruyter called him in 1939. " one influenced by Charles Eyck, decorative-religious talent ".

Manche was a National Socialist and a member of the National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands. During the war, he created political propoganda artwork, The Netherlands will resurrect "and" Which of the two is the true Dutchman? " and a response to the bombing of Nijmegen. After the Second World War he was interned in Camp Vught.

Until 1954 Manche lived in Nijmegen, after which he opened a studio in New Broeck castle in Beesel , from 1961 he lived in Best and in 1968 he moved his studio the three gates to Veldhoven .

Manche illustrated several children's books and made ​​several Christian religious works, including stained-glass windows and wall reliefs. He was a member of the General Catholic Artists Association and the Foundation Pro Arte Christiani. Around 1973 he was one of the initiators of the Kempen Circuit ceramists.