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Very nice old outline hand-color example of this interesting map of the South Pacific on a modified hemispheric projection centered on Paris's antipode near New Zealand. The projection is rather unusual as it orients the earth as if Paris were a pole, hence the mention of the "horizon de Paris" in the title. The map shows the tracks of Cook's second voyage of 1772-74.

On January 17, 1773 Captain Cook's HMS Resolution became the first vessel recorded to cross the Antarctic Circle. In total, she would make three crossings of circle during 1773 and '74. Four times on its Antarctic voyage the Resolution's path is blocked by "Beaucoup de Glace" or lots of ice. The map also includes the sea track of HMS Adventure when it diverges from that of the Resolution.

There is good detail shown among the South Pacific islands, and on the eastern coast of Australia, and in New Zealand.

The map's Author, Noel Andre Chrysologue was born in the town of Gy in 1728, and there he died in 1808. As noted on the map, he was a Capuchin, and he was responsible for a few other maps, notably a celestial map, and for his work as a geologist.

There is a companion map with the corresponding hemisphere centered on Paris. A later state of this map adds two inset maps of the Kerguelen Islands and of Tonga in the lower corners.

Condition Description
On thick paper. Small pinholes in the four corners, not affecting the image.