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A Celebration of Early Aviators

Scarce advertising promotional broadside, showing portraits of Charles Lindbergh, Lt. Lester Maitland, Com. Richard Byrd, William Brock, Eward, Schlee, Clarence Chamberlain, and Lt. Albert Hegenberger, along with an elaborate scene showing early aviation and maps of the various routes taken by early aviators.

Routes listed include:

  • 1924-US Army Aviators Circumnavigate The Globe
  • 1926-Overflying the North Pole--Byrd-Bennett Spitzburgen to Teller, Alaska.
  • 1926-Amundsen-Ellsworth-Nobile -- Polar overflight
  • 1927-Charles Lindbergh--New York to Paris
  • 1927 Chamberlin-Levin--Germany to New York
  • 1927 Maitland-Hegenberger--San Francisco to Honolulu
  • 1927 Byrd-Noville-Acosta-Balcheu--New York to Ver-Sur-Mer, France
  • 1927 Brock-Schlee--Newfoundland to Tokyo
  • 1927-28 Lindbergh Pan-American Tour