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Admiral John Leake's Attack on Majorca

Finely executed engraved map and naval battle scene, depicting the September 1706 Seige of Majorca by the British Fleet under the command of Sir John Leake. The siege was part of the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714), in which England gained both Gibraltar and Minorca. The central scene is surrounded by a rococo border with an inset map of the island and an Italian text description printed from a separate plate. This plate was etched by Johann August Corvinus after a painting by Paul Decker,

This work appeared in Jeremias Wolff's Repraesentatio Belli, ob successionem in Regno Hispanico . . . Der Spanische Successions-Krieg unter drey Grossmichtigst-Uniiberwindlichst- und Glorwiirdigsten Keyssern Leopoldo I. Josepho I. und Carolo VI. innerhalb 14 Jahren . . ., which included 56 such plates commenorating the War of Spanish Succession.