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Large format detailed map of portions of Ethiopia and Sudan, extending inlands to Khartum and the Nile as far south as Sennar and as far north as El Ragarah. Shows the various routes of explorers in the late 18th and 19th Centuries, including Bruce, Burchardt, Coilliaud, Mehehmet-Beg, Corribes, Russegar, Werne, Mansfield Parkyns, Guiseppe Sapeto, Malza u Vayssiere, Heugin and Reitz, Hamilton and Didier, Hansan, Dcourval, Munzinger and Thurheim, along with extensive notes along the various routes. Augustus Petermann published a series of works in the mid to late 19th Century which compiled many maps of scientific travel and exploration. In most cases, the original maps are nearly impossible to attain, making Petermann's works highly collectable.