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Scarce map of North America, showing the short-lived Territory of Colona, which would become Colorado Territory.

Finely detailed French map of North America, most notably including Colona, a short-lived alternative proposed name for Colorado. The map is also noteworthy for its fine depiction of the Ocean Current around North America and the Gulf of Mexico.

New Mexico is above Arizona (Baylor line). The Territory of Shoshone is shown (pre-Idaho). Nevada's eastern border is nearly at the western edge of Salt Lake, an early effort to reduce the Mormon influence, although its eastern border is very odd. Nevada's lower tip, which would include Clark County (Las Vegas), is shown in Arizona.

The map includes marvelous detail, including Indian names, forts, roads and explorers routes, mountains and rivers. It also elaborately tracks the ocean currents and sea routes. Excellent topographical detail.

A fine antique map of North America, with terrific early Western Territorial names.