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Daniel Sotzmann's Map of Canada and the Arctic Region

Fine example of Daniel Sotzmann's map of Alaska, Canada and the Pacific Northwest on of the most detailed and well researched maps of the region from the last part of the 18th Century.

Sotzmann's map extends from the Berhring Straits to Cape Mendocino in the west, and from Hudsons Straits to the Great Lakes and the Missouri and Ohio Rivers, and extending North to include the Bering Straits, thus showing the search for the Northwest Passage and extensive exploration details above the Arctic Circle in Canada.

The map provides a remarkably detailed accounting of the details of MacKenzie's Voyage and Stephen Long's Expedition to the source of the Mississippi River, incorporating details from Aaron Arrowsmith's highly influential world map in 8 sheets. Many of the Hudson's Bay and Northwest Company Factory Houses are shown, along with several important early forts, including:

  • Fort Chipewyan (established by Peter Pond of the North West Company in 1788)
  • Friedensluss Fort
  • Fort Dauphin (the second Ft Dauphin, built by fur traders in 1767)
  • Fort La Biche (built circa 1756)
  • Fort Etourgeoi (Jonquiere?)
  • Ft. Eppienette (Fort des Épinettes was a trading post or posts on the Assiniboine River from 1768 to 1811).

The Eberling-Sotzmann Atlas of America is the rarest and most sought after of all American works. Ristow surmises that it was this map which brought Sotzmann to Eberling's attention. The map is based upon Arrowsmith's map reports of the discoveries of Long and MacKenzie, as well as the various explorers of the NW Coast. The cartographic detail, actual and conjectural, is too rich to detail here. Please inquire for details or enlarged sections.

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