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Striking example of Magini's modern map of Scandinavia and the North Atlantic regions.

Magini bases his map on the work of Abraham Ortelius. The most notable feature is the incorporation of the details from Nicolo Zeno's account of his ancestor's 14th Century travels in the North Atlantic between the Faroe Islands and the coast of either Greenland or North America. In the service of Zichmni (Henry Sinclair), a map of the regions were first publised in Zeno's book, and then popularized by its inclusion in Ruscelli's 1561 Geographia.

While the veracity of Zeno's account has been questioned and a number of his descriptions of the customs and habits of natives and other details can be traced to contemporary early 16th Century accounts of the region, his impact on contemporary cartography is beyond question, including the inclusion of several mythical islands which were thereafter incorporated in most maps of the North Atlantic for the next 100 years, including Drogio and Frisland (both present on this map).