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Scarce map of the United States, showing the various American Boundary Treaties between 1783 and 1842.

The map shows the following boundaries:

  • 1783 Treaty with Great Britain (Treaty of Paris)
  • 1795 Treaty with Spain (Pinckney's Treaty: Established Boundary between Spanish Florida and Georgia)
  • 1803 Treaty with France (Louisiana Purchase)
  • 1819 Treaty with Spain (Adams-Onis Treaty)
  • 1842 Treaty with Great Britain (Webster-Ashburton Treaty: Established Maine-New Brunswick Border, confirmed border US-Canada Boundary between Lake Superior and the Rocky Mountains.

In addition to outlining the various treaty boundaries, the map shows the state of American knowledge of the Transmississippi West on the eve of John C. Fremont and Kit Carson's expedition to the West, in the summer of 1842 and his subsequent expedition in the summer of 1843. This resulted in the first modern mapping of the Oregon Trail from South Pass (discovered by Jedidiah Smith), and the Oregon Country, which included much of the future California, Oregon Territory and Utah Territory, and produced three of the most famous maps of the Transmississippi West published prior to the the California Gold Rush.