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Extremely rare German broadside map showing the British Colonies in North America, one of the earliest separately issued broadside maps of the British Colonies published during American Revolutionary War and quite possibly the earliest such broadside map published outside the UK.

The map was undoubtedly published to advise the German public of the progress of the Revolutionary War, with German troops actively being loaned to the British to fight in America, while certain factions of the German public harbored pro-American, anti-Imperialist sentiments.

While the format of the map appears to be very similar to the Theatre of War map published by Sayer & Bennett, this map actually pre-dates the Sayer & Bennett's broadside map, and is in fact based upon Jonathan Lodge's A General Map of North America being the SEAT of WAR, between the King's Troops, and the Provincials. . . . , which was "Printed according to Act of Parliament on Jany 27, 1776."

The Pingeling map includes the boundaries from a number of British Treaties in fine detail, including:

  • The north boundary of New England by Charter of 1620
  • The bounds of Carolina by Charter of 1663
  • The limits (of Carolina) stipulated 1734
  • Earl of Granvilles Property

Other early boundaries are noted, but unnamed. The map is smaller and a bit simplified, but a very credible presentation.

The text below the map in German is organized by Colonies, with sections describing:

  • Quebec
  • Nova Scotia
  • New England
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • North & South Carolina and Georgia
  • Pennsylvania

The map is of the utmost rarity, with only a few examples located in German and American institutions, at least one version lacking the text.

Condition Description
Separately published broadside map.