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Rare map of the area around Krakow, showing the siege of August 1657.

The map shows the positions of the combatants in and around the walled city of Krakow and neighboring Casimiria on the opposite side of the river.

After 2 years of Swedish and Transilvanian occupation, in early summer 1657, Polish Crown units under Hetman Jerzy Lubomirski appeared near Kraków, but lacking artillery, the Poles limited their activities to cutting the Swedish and Transilvanian supply routes. In early August, the Holy Roman Empire's army of 17,000, under Field Marshal Melchior von Hatzfeldt, reinforced the Poles, and began preparation for an assault. On August 4, however, a message from Rákóczi was received by both sides. Since his army had been destroyed in the Battle of Czarny Ostrow (July 20), Rákóczi urged János Bethlen to surrender the city to the Poles.

The Transilvanians capitulated, but Swedish garrison of Kraków, under Paul Wirtz, continued resistance until August 25. Five days later, Swedish units left the city, and on September 4, Poles, together with Austrians, organized a military parade, observed by King Jan Kazimierz.