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The first modern map of the Canton of Graubuden.

This very rare Rhaetia-map by Fortunat Sprecher von Berneck (1585-1647) and Philipp Cluverius (1580-1623) is the first modern map of Graubunden.

The map was originally published by Sprecher von Berneck Cluverius in 1618. In 1621, the map was re-issued by Van Geelkercken, with the poem below the title cartouche replaced by a new title "Karte vande Grisons ende Veltolina." A later state of the Van Geelkercken map would later be re-issued with the date of 1625 added and Van Geelkercken's name replaced by Claes Jansz Visscher.

The Sprecher von Berneck-Cluverius map would later be copied by a number of mapmakers, including Hondius, Blaeu and Jansson.

The map is very rare on the market, this being only the second example of which we are aware.

Condition Description
Lower left and right corners restored with some facsimile, with one significant tear, restored on verso.
Giudicetti C1 (in: Cart. Helvetica 5/1992, S. 17f.); Stopp/L. S. 191; Tooley, Mapmakers II, 148.