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A Map of the World Naming the Philippines, by Murillo Velarde, the Greatest Mapmaker in Philippines History.

Engraved map of the world by Murillo Velarde, issued as the world map in his magnum opus on historical geography: Geographia Historica... (Madrid, 1752).

The map names the Philippines ('Philipinas') and was published after Velarde returned from his work as a missionary there.

Murillo Velarde

Pedro Murillo Velarde (Laujar de Andarax, 1696 - Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, 1753) was a missionary in the Philippines, jurist, and geographer. He studied in Murcia, Toledo, and at the University of Granada and Salamanca, where he finished with a degree in law. In 1718 he entered the Jesuit order, which sent him to Alcalá de Henares to finish his studies in theology. Three years later he enlisted as a missionary to the Philippines. Already in Manila, his superiors commissioned him to teach, first, at the San José de los Jesuitas School; work that he combined with teaching at the University of Manila, where he taught Canon Law and Civil Law, work that continued later in the San José School, as it became a university. He acquired a great reputation as a jurist

He was also a poet, composed music, was a cartographer, and historian. He published religious works and catechisms. His magnum opus, Geographia Historica (Madrid, 1752) consisted of 10 volumes. In the Philippines, he was secretary of the Jesuit province, qualifier of the Holy Office, vice-rector of the novitiate of San Pedro de Macati, visitor of the missions of Mindanao, rector of the residence of Antipolo and procurator of his province in the curiae of Madrid and Rome. He died on the 30th of November, 1753, in the Port of Santa María, from where he had intended to leave to the return to the Philippines.

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