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Old color example of first state of Jacob Robijn's rare and richly embellished map of the World.

The present example is an unusually fine dark impression.

The geographical details include California as an Island, incomplete coastlines for Australia and New Zealand and no trace of the Antarctic. There is no coastline north of California, nor is the land bridge to Asia present. Includes a very unusual set of Great Lakes, unlike any other we have seen on a World map of this period.

The map is embellished by four large lively allegorical scenes, representing the four elements. Shirley notes that these embellishments are drawn from the Visscher-Bercham world map of 1658. These show the rape of Persephone, Zeus being carried across the heavens in an eagle-drawn chariot, Poseidon commanding an entourage, and Demter receiving the fruits of the earth.

Shirley identifies 4 states of the map, all of which are very rare:

  • With Robijn's name in the title imprint
  • Without Robijn's name
  • With the words "met privilegio" added (1686)
  • Johannes Loots imprint (circa 1698 and after)

The map is extremely rare on the market, this being the first example we have ever seen.

Condition Description
Old Color. Margins expertly extended.
Shirley 495.