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Finely colored map of the world on Mercator's projection, showing the tracks of Captain Jame's Cook's first voyage.

The map shows a number of fascinating details along the Northwest Coast of America, including:

  • Fou-Sang of the Chinese, a references to the theory that Chinese mariners colonized America in the late 5th Century led to the mythical "Fou-Sang"
  • River of the West (a late attempt to show the northwest passage through the continent)
  • "according to the Japanese." A curious depiction of the northwest coastline.
  • "Stachtan Nitada of the Russians." Describes the westward bulge in the Coastline of America described by Captain James Cook in 1778 which is now Alaska. Cook attributed the name to Native or Russian sources, although none has been located. The name apparently originated with Thomas Jefferys' map of 1775.

The map also shows an early depiction of Australia and New Zealand, with references to the voyages of Cook in 1772-3 and Furneaux in 1773-4.