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Finely executed large format plan of Sevilla, published by Spain's leading mapmaker of the late 18th Century, Tomas Lopez.

The map provides an exceptionally detailed look at Sevilla's old town, including dozens of profile views of major buildings, which are located in the key below the map.

The map pre-dates by 12 years the yellow fever epidemic which killed nearly a third of Sevilla's population.

Sevilla has been one of the most important cities in Spain since ancient times. The first settlers of the site have been identified with the Tartessian culture. The destruction of their settlement is attributed to the Carthaginians, giving way to the emergence of the Roman city of Hispalis, built very near the Roman colony of Itálica (now Santiponce), which was only 5 miles northwest of modern Sevilla. Under Muslim rule, the city became the seat of power in the Caliphate of Cordoba. Following the reconquest of Spain from the Moors in 1248, Sevilla became one of the capital cities of Spain.

Condition Description
Dissected and laid on linen, with original booksellers pastedown title on linen panel verso.