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Finely detailed postal map of Hungary, Transylvania, Slovenia and Croatia, with parts of Galitzia, Moravia, Austria and Illyria, drawn from the map of Janos von Szedlicsna Lipszky (1766-1826).

Lipszky was a Hungarian Imperial Army officer and Cartographer of Slovakian descent. Lipszky joined the army in 1784 and attained the ranks of Major in 1807 and Colonel in 1809. Beginning in 1799, along with Daniel Emmerich Bogdanich, Lipszky undertook an extensive survey, creating the first reliable map of Hungary and Transylvania, with detailed locations of over 500 cities. His monumenta l Mappa Generalis Regni Hungariae, prepared between 1806 and 1810 and published in Vienna in 1811, would become the definitive map of Hungary for many decades.

The present map would become a very influential commercial map, which was republished in 1867. Edmund von Zuccheri also published Carte ge?ne?rale et postale du royaume de Hongrie, de la Transylvanie, de la Croatie & de l'Esclavonie, du Voi?vodat de la Serbie & du banat du temes, du pays des confins militaires, et de la Bukovina in 1857, also published by Artaria & Co.

The second title for the map is: General Charte des Königreiches Ungarn mit Einschluss von Siebenbergen, Slavonien und Croatien und den angranzenden Theilen von Osterreich, Mahren, Galizien, Moldau . . . nach Lipszky's grosser Charte. Vienna and Budapest.

Condition Description
Dissected and laid on linen.