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Rare map of the ancient World from Ephraim Pagitt's Christianographie, or the Description . . . of the Christian World, not subject to the Pope, first published in London in 1635.

Pagitt's book is illustrated with 5 maps, of which this map is included.


The map shows Corea as an Island and unusual projection for Japan and names Luzon (Luconia) and Mindenao in the Philippines.

The primary theme of the map is locating the Christian peoples of the world who are not Catholic. The map includes the following annotations:

  • Mushall the See of the Nesterian Patriarch
  • Tartaria more Christans than in the Latin Church and under ye Par: of musal
  • Persia In this Contri are Armenians and many sorts of Christians
  • Tarsus Some Christians Some nevit that the wise men came to Christ duelt here
  • The Abissine Christians under Prester John


The map shows the 4 groups of Christians in Europe:

  • Protestants
  • Papists
  • Muscovites
  • Greeks (the last 2 agree with the Protestants)


The map shows various interesting notes in Africa, including:

  • Near Tunisia: Christianitie In a manner lost for want of teachers here have bene some 100 of ?? and now 2 only left
  • In Egypt: Patriarch of Alexandria The christians in Aegypt Called Cophti under the Turke
  • Ethiopia: The Abissine Christians Under Prester John
  • Angola: Some Christ:
Shirley 224.