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Rare map of America, based upon an important Wall Map by Longchamps, first published in 1754.

The projection of America is oriented with East at the top. The northwest is dominated by a very unusual Bay of the West configuration, unlike most other contemporary renditions. New Mexico is noted, along with Louisiana, Carolina, Florida, Labrador, Canada, New England, California and the various countries of South America, including Pays Des Amazons and Tucuman.

The map appeared in a rare late edition of Christoph Cellarius' Geographia antiqua in Compendium Redacta, published after his death. This plate is added as plate XXXV and is not in any of the earlier editions of his work.

The map is a faithful copy of the rare Janvier-Longchamp wall map of America, also oriented with East at the top, with this map likely inspired by the wall map. One of the rarest and most sought after of all maps of the Bay of the West.