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Decorative map of the United States, published during the Mexican War.

The Ornamental Map of the United States & Mexico is a great map of the two countries featuring the new, enlarged state of Texas. Bright colors delineate political boundaries and boldly mark the route of the "Great Oregon Rail Road" from New York to Oregon City. Portraits of Cortez, Washington, and Montezuma appear above the map; below are the great seals of the United States and Mexico, portraits of generals Taylor and Santa Anna, and a view of an Aztec temple.

The text describes the history of the region culminating with the Mexican American War and showing the United States in possession of New Mexico and the Californias despite the fact that the war had not yet ended at the time of publication.

Condition Description
Several marginal tears, repaired on verso, each just entered printed image. Chip at lower left corner, not affecting printed image.
Wheat, #551