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Rare WWII propaganda map, published in India, showing the Pacific Theater of Operations, and centered on Hawaii.

Includes an extensive briefing on Naval operations in the Pacific Ocean at the left, including a summation as follows:

To sum up, Japanese naval fortunes were in the ascendant during the first three months. In the past six months the enemy has suffered heavy losses in ships without compensatory gains in bases. Now the Allied counter-thrust is gaining momentum. Bases have been re-taken in the Solomon Islands and it is well known that -----

Ships + Bases = Sea Power.

The body of the map shows the location of the various naval powers and battle fronts, along with routes and distances in the Pacific and the location of Allied and Japanese Naval Bases, the Trans-Pacific Submarine Cable, Advanced Allied Air Bases and an arrow for Allied Naval Pressure.

A very rare propoganda broadside, published in India.

Condition Description
Minor punch holes.