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Fine wide margined example of Kircher's fascinating map of the North Atlantic, published by Kircher in his Mundi Subterranei.

The map shows the ocean currents in the Atlantic, including what could arguably be called the first chart of the Gulf Stream.

The map is oriented to the west, with a full sheet of Dutch text below. From a Dutch edition of Kircher's work. Published in Amsterdam by Johann Waesberger.

Kircher was a Jesuit scientist who founded the Museo Kithcerianon in the Collegio Romano in Rome. This map was used to illustrate one of his most famous and influential works, a study of the world's ocean currents, tides, volcanic distribution, and core structure of the planet. The map is remarkably accurate for the period, altough the massive crater at the headwaters of the Amazon River is certainly a curious addition to the map. The primary purpose of this map was to illustrate the Ocean's currents, and in that regard, it was remarkably accurate, surpassing the work of Robert Dudley, who illustrated only the local currents in the regions covered.

The map has grown increasingly scarce on the market in recent years. A crisp dark impression of this fascinating map.