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Rare early English Sea Chart of the Eastern Mediterranean, published by John Seller, one of the earliest maps of the Mediterranean published in England.

The map extends from Cyprus, Asia Minor and the Holy Land in the East to Italy, Sicily and Malta in the West.

The map almost certainly appeared in the earliest editions of Seller's Atlas Maritimus, but was apparently quickly replaced by more detailed charts, making this an exceptional rarity on the market.

The present example would seem to be the second state of the map, preceded by a state which credits Seller, John Colson, William Fisher, James Atkinson and John Thornton as the mapmakers, but does not refer to Seller as "Hydrographer to the King."

John Seller (1630-1697) was the most important English mapmaker of his time and a pioneer of modern mapmaking in variety of disciplines. In the early 1670s, he set about to break the near-monopoly enjoyed by the Dutch in sea chart publication. His production of the Atlas Maritimus or a Book of Charts Describeing the Sea Coasts . . . of the World (1675), marked a watershed moment in the development of hydrography in Britain. He concurrently worked on the first parts of The English Pilot, including the charts of the Northern and Southern navigation, however financial constraints prevented him from completing the project. This endeavor was subsequently taken up by John Thornton, and later the firm of Mount & Page, who resolutely gave London a leading place in the sea chart trade.

Condition Description
Minor repair at lower centerfold an some minor marginal soiling.