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Finely detailed combination of printed and manuscript map showing proposed routes for extensions of the Prescott & Eastern & Railroad and Prescott & Phoenix Railway in the Southern Part of Yavapai County and extending south nearly to the Phoenix area, like drafted sometime around 1897-1898.

The focal point of the map are the various proposed extensions of the Prescott & Eastern Railroad to reach the mines in the area of Crowned King (later Crown King) and the Cordes Lakes area, and the proposed branchs of the Prescott & Phoenix Railway to the the town of Briggs, Arizona (now a ghost town), and Wickenburg.

The map shows the route of the Prescott & Eastern running near the surveyed line of the Southern Pacific, as it extended south toward the Phoenix area, to its then terminus at Mayer, Arizona, with a meandering south westerly route into the Bradshaw mountains, ending near Crowned King, which was then a major boom town.

The map also shows the line of the Prescott & Phoenix Railway heading first to the west, then turning back south and southeast twoard Phoenix through Wickenburg and Hot Springs Junction, the starting point for two separate route toward Briggs, via Trisby (?).

The map locates dozens of mines, early roads, and towns, as well as points located water and storage along the upper tributaries of the Hassayampa River.

A remarkable artifact of the mining boom.

Condition Description
Drafting paper with a second sheet pasted to the bottom. A few minor breaks and some minor loss of paper at one side.