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Fine early subdivsion map of a part of San Mateo, California, creating the subdivion of Highland Park.

Of great interest on this map is not only the subdivision, but the historical land owners and homesites shown on the map.

The map shows the area south of San Mateo Creek, including the San Mateo Waterworks Reservoir, C. F. Crocker EState, Howard Estate, Shreve Estate, etc.

Rancho San Mateo and Rancho de las Pulgas were purchased by William Davis Merry Howard, who made his fortune selling tools and equipment during the Gold Rush. Howard aquired Rancho San Mateo from original Mexican grantee Cayetano Arenas. In 1853, Howard moved to the area shown on this map, purchased a large, pre-fabricated house from the East and had it shipped to his Rancho San Mateo.

Howard's mansion was named "El Cerrito", and became one of the first grand estates on the Peninsula. Howard's mansion is shown on the map. After Howard died, his wife Agnes Poett quickly remarried Howard's brother George, and following George's death, she married Henry P. Bowie. The map is sprinkled with owners' names of Howard, Poett, and Bowie, as well as the descendants of Charles Crocker (one of the "Big Four" who built the Central Pacific Railroad) and John Parrott (shipping magnate and U.S. consul at Mazatlan during the pivotal years 1838-1850).