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Excellent map of the United States extending from Coast to Coast, in the first year of the California Gold Rush.

The 1849 edition of Kiepert's map is one of the most interesting and watching the annual transition of the West on an annual basis through Kiepert's maps is quite fascinating.

The map shows Alta California Territory (one year prior to the delineation of the State of California), a pre-Gadsden purchase border with Mexico, and a very undefined Missouri Territory and Indian Territory, pre-dating the first appearance of Nebraska Territory extending to Canada. Oregon Territory extends to the Rockies. New Mexico Territory is shown in its brief vertical format, tracking its location as a Mexican Territory.

In the area around the Great Salt Lake, there is significant topographical detail, including the elevation of at least 1 of the passes.

Interestingly, the Texas border is not yet defined, although there is a note in the center left of the map pertaining to the western boundary of Texas. The details of the map in Texas are excellent, showing the German Colony, N. Braunfels, Friedrichsberg, the Alt Spanish Fort, and dozens of early towns and place names.

The map illustrates dozens of Indian names, early roads through the west, and other important features. The detail on either side of the Canadian Rockies is also excellent. One of the most interesting maps of the period following the conclusion of the Mexican War.

In the following year, Kieper would add the name "Deseret oder Utah," a reference to the unsuccessful attempt to create a Mormon state of Deseret.