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An Original Manuscript Military Map of the critical Zapote Bridge corridor, drafted by a member of the Philippine Resistance, 1897-99

The present map is a fascinating military sketch of the area surrounding Bacoor Bay in Cavite Province, one of the most active theaters of the during the epic struggle for Philippine Independence, which furthermore included the Spanish-American War and the Philippine-American War. It was the home of the revolutionary hero Emilio Aguinaldo (from Cavite el Viejo) and the heartland of the Katipunan Resistance. It is possible that the sketch map may have been done at the behest of Edilberto Evangelista, the brilliant military engineer educated at the University of Ghent. Evangelista built the elaborate system of trenches, barrages and forts leading up the Battle of Zapote Bridge, February 17, 1897. While the Filipino forces defeated the Spanish, unfortunately, Evagelista fell as one of the casualties. The area was the scene of the epic Battle of Zapote River, June 13, 1899, during which Evangelista's fortifications were overrun by the American forces of General Henry W. Lawton. The present map was intended for operational use in the field, as it depicts numerous rivers, bridges, fortifications and barrages - information critical to both military movement and siege warfare.

Condition Description
Manuscript, pen on paper, minor points of discoloration