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Finely engraved map of America, published in Bologna in 1594.

Rosaccio's map is a curious blend of fine engraving and contemporary cartographic information, with curious misspellings.

In North America, over a dozen place names are shown, including Virginia, Florida, Norimbega, Quivira Tonteac, Celola (Cibola), Nova Spagn[a] and Yucatan, along with some curious misspellings (Lofsuog, Racisco, Topira, Mocosi, Toiman) and mislocations (Siera Nevada appears in the ocean off the California Coastline).

The Northwest passage is plainly shown, with the Pacific Ocean named and Japan shown as a very curious disc, surrounded by largely unrecognizable names in the Pacific.

The large mythical southern continent extends from Nova Guinea near modern day Australia to Gdezbaztian, a name we could not decipher.

South America is similarly filled with a combination of familiar names and curious misspellings.

We would surmise that while the map was finely engraved, the engraver was less reliable in his transcription in place names.

Burden 89 (variant)