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Fine example of Wytfliet's map of the Northwest Coast of America, the second printed map to focus on the region which would become Alaska and the Northwest Coast.

An important early map devoted to the Northwest & Northwest Passage, from the first atlas devoted solely to America. Shows the Coast from Northern California to a mythical NW Passage in the Arctic Circle, based upon Mercator's large world map of 1569 and shows an area similar to De Jode's Quivirae Regnu of 1593. The nomenclature is from Plancius' World map of 1592.

The region above Cape Mendocino was purely conjecture, as no European would reach this area of the coastline for another 180 years. A number of place names, rivers and mountains embellish this largely mythical map.

A cornerstone map in any Northwest map collection.

Burden 107.
Cornelis van Wytfliet Biography

Cornelius de Wytfliet (ca.1550-ca. 1597) was a Flemish cartographer most famous for his Descriptionis Ptolemaicae Augmentum. The work was published in Louvain, Belgium, and had nineteen maps of the Americas.