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Detailed manuscript map of Alta California and Baja California, which was originally in the possession of the Jesuit Archives in Mexico in 1820, based upon the intake stamps inthe top left and top right corners.

Remarkable early manuscript map, showing in great detail the Missions and geographical features of California at the end of the 18th Century.

The map lists a number of Missions in Upper California, including San Francisco de Asis (1776), San Jose (1797), Santa Clara (1777), Santa Cruz (1791), La Purisima Concepcion (1787), San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo (1770), Nuestra Senora de La Soledad (1791), San Luis Obispo de Tolosa (1772), Santa Barbara (1786), San Juan Capistrano (1776), San Luis Rey de Francia (1798), and San Diego (1769).

The accompanying text which would appear to track missions established up to 1791, lists 12 missions, with extensive statistical information on Indian Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, cattle and agricultural harvest information.

While the map includes the date 1795 at the top, this dating is incorrect. We consulted the National Library of Madrid, through Gonzalo Pontes, President of the Spanish Antiquarian Booksellers Assocation and a professor of history in Madrid. The conclusion regarding the map was that dating information at the top center, along with the words, Yumas, Apacheria, California and Nuebo Mexico, were added at a later date, likely by an archivist in Mexico, at the time the maps were received into the archive or catalogued, perhaps circa 1820.

Missions not shown include San Fernando (1797), San Antonio de Padua (1771), San Gabriel (1771), San Buenaventura (1782), San Juan Bautista (197), San Juan Bautista (1797), Santa Ines (1804), San Rafael Arcangel (1817) and San Francisco Solano (1823).

The map also notes a number of Missions in Sonora and Baja California, including San Miguel (Ensenada 1797), Santo Tomas (1791), San Vicente (1780), Santa Domingo (1775), San Fernando Rey (1769), Santa Catarina (1797), San Francisco Borja (1762), etc.

The engraved table would appear to be from Espinosa y Tello's rare Relación del viage hecho por las goletas Sutil y Mexicana en el año de 1792 para reconocer el estrecho de Fuca; con una introducción en que se da noticia de las expediciones executadas anteriormente por los españoles en busca del paso del noroeste de la América.

Condition Description
One minor tear, at upper left corner.