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Extremely rare separately issued double hemisphere map of the World, printed in London by Henry Overton, at the white Horse without Newgate in 1720.

This rare double-hemisphere map of the World is typical of English large format broadside maps of the early 20th Century, embellished with scientific details.

The map is embellished with a lengthy text on Newton's theory of tides and 2 smaller hemispheres of constellations at top. At the bottom is an illustration of the moon and other planets at middle and bottom, including a model of the Copernican System, the Ptolomaic Solar System, Tycho Brahe Model, Cassini Model, the moon's orbit around the earth, the face of the sun, and other scientific models.

Overton's map also includes an advertisement for a 5 foot long Overton Map of London.

This is apparently the first edition of this extremely rare map, which is listed by Ashley Baynton-Williams on Map Forurm issue #8 under The British Library Recent Acquisitions no on the Recent CD-Rom . . . (#17). We locate no other examples of the Overton edition of the map, although it would appear that a later example is held by Yale, listed as "Printed and sold by Geo. Foster . . . , 1737," with no reference to Overton, which is described as " mutilated along the folds, with some loss of text."

Condition Description
Two sheet map, joined. The bottom margin, neat line and bit of text are added in facscimile.