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Fine example of Samuel Thornton's important map of the World, which was separately issued and bound into a few examples of the English Pilot, Third Boo k.

A large sea-chart of the world, on Mercator's Projection as revised by Edward Wright, whose corrections improved accuracy for navigation.

The chart shows California as an island, and has been updated with the Mississippi and the Great Lakes in North America. The map is laid out in remarkable detail, with great care given to a description of all the prevailing Trade Winds, including seasonal changes.

The map provides a remarkable treatment of Australia, being one of the earliest maps to include a conjectural eastern coastline. The Coastline of New Zealand is also shown. The voyages of Tasman and Dampier are shown along with Halley's route.

The map is embellished with a number of animals, sea creatures and sailing ships.

Shirley, R.W. (BL Atlases) M.THOR-3b, #1; TMC No.65, pp.2-6, illus. p.5.