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Decorative and detailed map of Southeast Asia, by Nolin and Coronelli, issued immediately prior to the closing of Siam to Europeans in 1688.

Nolin's map is an important map of Southeast Asia, extending from the southern part of the Indochinese Peninsula through to the northern coastline of Java and the eastern part of Borneo. The map is filled with information including extensive soundings along coastlines and historical notations.

The map is the result of France's first embassy to Southeast Asia in 1685, which was led by Chevalier de Chaumont in the company of six Jesuit fathers. The route of the embassy is noted on the map.

The map was a product of the collaboration between Nolin, who was one of the official mapmakers to the King of France, Louis XIV, and Coronelli, who had been invited to Paris by the King to undertake cartographic projects, including the construction of a globe for the King. The result of this collaboration was the most up to date and detailed maps of many parts of the World at a time when France's explorations in America and Asia were of great import.

The Nolin-Coronelli mapping of Southeast Asia would become the standard for many decades after the creation of this map.