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Fine example of an early California document dated June 19, 1844 and excecuted in "La Ciudad de Los Angeles del departamento de las Californias"

The document was prepared by Don Jesus Dominguez, on behalf of his wife, Andrea Abila.

The document was also signed by Ignacio Coronel , Rafael Gallardos and Juan Manzo.

The document was witnessed by Juan Domingo and Casildo Aguilar, who are also listed as the witnesses to the transfer of the "Bell Block" Don Luis Vignes to Captain Alexander Bell in 1844.

The document mentions a number of early Californianos,

Manuel Requena: The first alcalde during the last years of Mexico's rule over Los Angeles and later president of the Los Angeles Common Council in the early 1850s and was elected to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in 1852.

Andrea Abila / Jesus Dominguez were the owners of the property at the corner of Hayes Street and Main Street (Calle Principal), just southwest of the Plaza Area in downtown Los Angeles.

Don Jose Maria Avila: An Alcalde of Los Angeles during Mexican rule, who constructed that Avila Adobe House at 14 Olivera Street, the oldest surviving home in the City.

Don Jose Maria Aguilar: Early Los Angeles Resident, who would acquire ;Rancho Canada de los Nogales from Governor Manuel Micheltorena in 1844. Harris Newmark would later occupy Aguilar's house in the 1850s. His son, Cristobal Aguilar would go on to be mayer of Los Angeles beginning in 1866, the last Latino Mayor of Los Angeles until 2005.

Ignacio Coronel was a former Mexican Army officer who founded the first school in Los Angeles and was the father of Antonio F. Coronel, who would later be Mayor of Los Angeles in 1853 and State Treasurer (1866).

Rafael Gallardo and Juan Manzo also served as a City officials at the end of the the Mexican period.


Condition Description
3 page copy of Deed of Trust, folded.