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John Stockdale's 1798 map, Part of the United States of North America, presents a compelling snapshot of the nascent United States, with particular emphasis on South Carolina and Georgia, as seen in the large inset. The map extends eastward to the convergence of the Kentucky and Ohio Rivers, specifically identifying Kentucky while omitting Ohio and Tennessee. It offers rich details about the Trans-Appalachian and Trans-Allegheny regions and traces Weld's route through Virginia.

This map was created in the immediate aftermath of the American Revolutionary War and the subsequent Treaty of Paris in 1783. This period saw significant territorial reorganization and expansion, the impacts of which are palpable in the map's depiction of the United States. It is particularly notable for the detail it offers of the territories west of the Appalachian Mountains, an area of rapid development and exploration during this period.

One intriguing feature of Stockdale's map is its documentation of Native American settlements, particularly in the region below Lake Erie. By recording the names of these early Indian settlements, the map offers valuable insights into the cultural and historical landscape of the period. A note in the upper left corner further identifies the regions where Christian Indians resided, marked with a dot, suggesting the spread of Christianity among Native American tribes.

This map by John Stockdale is more than a geographic representation of a part of the United States. It encapsulates the unique socio-cultural dynamics of the late 18th century. The detailed routes, territories, and indications of Native American settlements, combined with its historical context, make this an engaging artifact of early American cartography.

Condition Description
Several minor fold splits repaired on verso.