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Fine large format map of the world, which provides fantastic detail throughout, engraved by John Dower and published by Henry Teesdale.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the map is its treatment of the search for the Northwest Passage and the extensive annotations showing the routes of various discoverers throughout the world. With respect to the Northwest Passage, there are dozens of annotations identifying the British and other discoveries in the region, including a note discussing Franklin's disappearance in 1845 and the subsequent search.

In the Southern Hemisphere, there are a number of early antarctic discoveries shown.

The map is in fantastic condition, with extraordinarily fresh bright colors. This is also the first time we have ever seen this edition of the map, which normally appears in editions of 1845 and earlier.

Henry Teesdale Biography

Teesdale was a London-based map publisher. He was an early Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, elected in 1830. Teesdale partnered with John Hordan and William Colling Hodson, but this arrangement dissolved in 1832. Afterward, he continued to work on his own and periodically with colleagues like John Crane Dower, Christopher Greenwood, Josiah Henshall and others. He published a variety of atlases and separately-issued maps. His business was quite successful, as he registered as a partner in the Royal Bank of Scotland in 1845.