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Detailed map of the northern part of Africa, showing the route of Gerhard Rohlfs from 1861 to 1867.

The map records several of Rohlfs' earliest travels, including most notably his trek across Africa from North to South, where he bacame the first European to cross the continent.

In total, the map records the travels in Afrika of 5 explorers, Rohlfs (3 routes between 1861 and 1867), Clapperton & Lander (1825-27), Barth & Overweg (1850-53), Vogel (1853-55) and Baikie (1854).

Friedrich Gerhard Rohlfs (1831 - 1896) was a German geographer, explorer and adventurer. Rohlfs joined the French Foreign Legion and later served for some time as a personal physician to a Moroccan nobleman, before striking out on his own to explore the oases of Morocco. It was on this trip that he was attacked and left for dead, his leg almost severed from his body.

After recovery, Rohlfs became the first European to cross Africa north to south. His route took him from Tripoli through the Sahara desert, over Lake Chad, along the Niger River to the Gulf of Guinea from 1865-1867. He was the second European explorer to visit the region of the Draa River in the south of Morocco.