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Striking large format map of North America from an unknown German source.

The West Coast of America reflects a post Vancouver knowledge of the coastline, but prior to Lewis & Clark. The source of the Mississippi ends in the Louisiana Provinz, which would almost certainly reflect that the map was issued prior to the Louisiana Purchase. The depiction of the Rocky Mountains also places the map at a pre-Lewis and Clark date. The Columbia River appear, but no other river in the region. The names Quivira and Teguas appear, but no sign of either of the Salt Lakes. A number of the Old Spanish Missions in California are shown, as far north as Santa Clara. The Colorado River is named, with a not terribly inaccuate depiction of the unnamed Gila River. Knoxville and New Madrid are both named. The most interesting feature is a massive Tscherokier (Cherokee) Territory, west of North Carolina, which includes Knoxville. This is the only example of this Territory appearing on the map that we are familiar with. The timing corresponds to the Franklinia period. East and West Florida appear. Tennessee is properly named and spelled, but Ohio is not yet a Territory and the Huron and early apocryphal Indiana Territory appear, as does and apocryphal Chelikotte Territory, instead of Ohio. Interesting depiction of Alaska, which is Russian America.

A terrific pre-Lewis & Clark map, at a time when precious little was being shown in the interior of NW America. Not in Wheat.