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Rare separately issued folding of North America, which was extensively used by an early traveller in Texas, California, the Rocky Moutains, Northwest, etc.

The basic cartography for the map shows the West shortly after Texas Independence. Upper California and New Mexico are still separate provinces of Mexico and the mid-continent is dominated by Indian Districts, including Ozark District, Osage District, Mandan District, Sioux District and Huron District.

The District of Oregon, with a 54-40 or fight northern border, is shown. Throughout the west, Dufour includes the best obtainable cartographic information.

On the map, an early owner has added extensive annotations, which seem to fall into several categories, (1) travel routes through the region, notes regarding various political and boundary changes, annexations, etc. and (3) regional information regarding early settlements.

The information included in the annotations includes the Annexation of California, New Mexico and Utah (a curious adition). Routes are traced through Texas, the Rocky Mountains, California and the northwest, suggesting the owner travelled extensively over a number of years, which included a crossing of the Isthums of Panama and travels through central Mexico. The writers' annotations also trace MacKenzie's route to the Arctic sea.

Perhaps of greatest interest are the extensive annotations in the northwest, which seem to focus on 1846, the longest of which discusses the Mormons migration to the west and settlement near Salt Lake in 1846 (a year before first settlers reached the Valley of the Great Salt Lake). Others seem to describe the American Treaties with Russia and Spain which fixed boundaries in the west. The final part of the route suggests that the map owner traversed the continent from Oregon to the Missouri River, then above the Great Lakes, before departing from New Yrok back across the Atlantic.

The table in the top left corner is focused on polouation and size facts regarding England's Canadian Colonies.

A fantastic contemporary record of an anonymous trip through North America in the late 1840s.