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Scarce highly detailed map of the Gulf Coast, Florida, Central America and the Caribbean from JA Dezauche, successor to Buache and De L'Isle. This map is an updated version of Buache's map of 1740, which is drawn largely from Henry Popple's Map of 1733, widely regarded as one of the most important 18th Century American maps. Gone are Devin's Aransas Bay plan (for La Salle's St. Louis Bay) and Buache's customary rendering of the tip of Florida as an archipelago. . Instead, we see Popple's Coastline, interior information & peninsular Florida, including his St. John River. Excellent detail in Texas, including notes on 17th & 18th Century forts & missions, vastly more than Jeffery's Gulf Coast map. Flags Along the Coast, 91-94. A particularly attractive and striking example.

Philippe Buache Biography

Philippe Buache (1700-1773) was one of the most famous French geographers of the eighteenth century. Buache was married to the daughter of the eminent Guillaume Delisle and worked with his father-in-law, carrying on the business after Guillaume died. Buache gained the title geographe du roi in 1729 and was elected to the Academie des Sciences in the same year. Buache was a pioneering theoretical geographer, especially as regards contour lines and watersheds. He is best known for his works such as Considérations géographiques et physiques sur les découvertes nouvelles dans la grande mer (Paris, 1754).