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Rare mp of Southern Spain and the Straits of Gibraltar, illustrating and included in from Heiden's Americanische urquelle derer innerlichen kriege des bedrängten Teutschlands. . . .

The map illustrates the engagement between the French and English in February 1758. A British squadron under the command of admiral Henry Osborn and rear-admiral Charles Saunders, consisting of 11 ships,including the Berwick under captain Hughes, the Hampton Court under captain Augustus John Hervey, the Monarch under captain John Montague, the Monmouth under captain Arthur Gardiner, the Montagu under captain Joshua Rowley, the Preston under captain Evans, the Prince George under captain Joseph Peyton, the Revenge under captain John Storr, the Swiftsure under captain Thomas Stanhope and 2 other unidentified ships of the line, intercepted and blockaded a 14 ship French Squadron under the command of M. de la Clue.

The French Government, in response to M. de La Clue's representations, sent 5 ships of the line and a frigate, under M. Duquesne, to endeavour to join him there and then to assist him in breaking the blockade. Among them, 2 ships of the line succeeded in getting in Cartagena but the rest of the force was not so fortunate.

The main battle illustrated in this map, was fought February 28, 1758 and resulted in a decisive English Victory.

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