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Wood engraved political satire, critiquing the Democratic Party's attitude towards slavery in 1864, the so-called nonintervention policy, which held that the Union should not interfere with slaves, particularly those who found their way to Union Army camps during the Civil War.

The point of the cartoon is clear: although the Democrats argue that not interfering with slavery is the expedient approach, their argument does not hold up to just, law, equity, or the Constitution. On a rock in the "Salt River", a group of African American soldiers can be seen gesturing against the ship "Expediency" which is conned by a devilish hag holding aloft the standard of slavery.

The satire was published in the New-York Illustrated News on March 19, 1864, roughly one year before the end of the Civil War.

Condition Description
Newspaper sheet. Sheet toned and foxed. Contemporary slip of text onlaid to the left margin.