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Rare Seven Years War Battle Plan, depicting the English pursuit and attack of a group of French shipps let by Francois Thurot,which led to the death of Thurot off the Isle of Man on February 28, 1762, from Heiden's Americanische urquelle derer innerlichen kriege des bedrängten Teutschlands. . .

François Thurot (1727 - 1760) was a French privateer, merchant naval captain and smuggler who terrorized British shipping in the early part of the Seven Years' War. Thurot led a number of successful expeditions against the English first in command of the corvette Friponne and later the 44-gun frigate Marcechal de Belle-Isle.

Thurot met his demise shortly after the Battle of Carrickfergus in February 1760. A force of 600 French troops Thurot's command overwhelmed the small garrison of the town and captured its castle. When word of the capture reached Dublin a small force of dragoons were despatched by the Duke of Bedford who feared, incorrectly, that it was a feint to draw British forces to the north while a main French force was to attack Cork or Dublin.

Thurot held the town for five days, menacing nearby Belfast and demanding supplies and a ransom. In the face of the mobilization of large numbers of local militia under General Strode, and the appearance of a Royal Navy squadron off the coast, Thurot re-embarked his force and departed the town, with several English Vessels dispatched form Liverpool now searching for Thurot. Off the Isle of Mann, Thurot's ships were engaged bythe HMS Pallas,HMS Brilliant ad HMS Aeolus. In the ensuing battle, Thurot was killed by a shot from a musket.