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Fascinating map of the course of the Ohio River, likely drawn from English sources, including Christopher Gist, George Washington and other English traders in the region prior to and during the French & Indian War, from Christian Friedrich von der Heiden's Americanische Urquelle derer innerlichen Kriege des bedrängten Teutschlands, nach denen wahrhaftesten Umständen und mit der genauesten Unpartheylichkeit nebst allen zu Erläuterung einschlagenden Nachrichten des Verhältnüsses der Englisch- und Französischen Handlung.

Rare map of the course of the Ohio and Alleghany Rivers, from the English Settlement at Shenango (Pennsylvania) to beyond the Great Conhaway River (New River) and the Guyandot(te) River, to a point that looks as though it could be in the general vicinity of Cincinnati Ohio. The map is fillwed with Indian Place names and villages.

The knowledge of the region appears to get poorer and more sporadic west of Fort Duquesne, with the scale and detail signficantly skewed between the region to the west and to the east of this point. The red dot is likely the point where then Colonel George Washington encountered the French in 1754, in what would become known as the Battle of Jumonville Glen, the first battleof teh French & Indian War. West of this point, the map is almost entirely Indian Villages and Rivers, suggesting an English source, as the French would have had a better understanding of the scale and detail to the west.

While the map is in Frenh, the source the map is Heiden's account of the activities during the Seven Years War, which covers the conflicts being fought around the world between the French & English, etc.

This is the first time we have seen this map on the market.

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Old Color.