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Stock# 26886

Striking early view of Louvain (Leuven), engraved by Jodocus (Josse or Joost) Vander Baren in 1610.

Compass rose at the bottom shows orientation of the view (south at the top). Includes a key identifying 84 important places.

Finely engraved and very rare on the market. Jodocus (also Joost or Josse) Van der Baren was a painter who flourished in in Louvain in the first decade of the 17th Century. The Dictionary of Painters and Engraers (Volume 2; Bryan, Graves & Armstrong), notes that he was reportedly a pupil of Michael Coxie. In the Church of St. Pierre in Louvain, there remains a triptych by Van der Baren and in St. Getrudes, there is a 2 panels survive for which he was the artist. His drawings of Louvain and Heverle appeared in the 1604 Lovanium.



Condition Description
Minor restoration at top left corner and bottom left corner in blank margin