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Rare map of the British Colonies in North America, from Grisellini's Atlante Geografico composto, published by Pietro Bassaglia in Venice 1756-1758.

The map provides a nice graphical depiction of the boundary dispute then being waged between the British & French, as described by Thomas Jefferys in his writings on the subject and in his map of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, including a depiction of the disputed territorial claims of Acadia. The style of the map is reminiscent of the Palairet-Kitchen map of 1755, Grissellini's map contains a marvelous depiction of the the British Colonies at the outset of the French & Indian War. The map is includes significant detail within the map, but its most unique feature is the extensive text description of the English history of America, beginning with Sebastian Cabot and Sir Walter Raleigh, and then a description of the founding of each of the English Colonies in America (beginning with Newfoundland in 1581 and ending with Carolina in 1665). In the lower margin is a description of the various boundaries within the colonies.

The map is a highly credible presentation and quite unique, especially for an Italian published map from this period. The Great Lakes are beautifully illustrated with Lake Superior still sporting the imaginary island of Philippeaux. The map is filled with meticulously engraved detail of towns, forts, roads, and tribal lands. There are extensive notations providing historical information. Some of the names appearing in Pennsylvania are "Filadelfia," "Venango," "LogsTown," "Kuskuskies," "F. del Quesne."

While McCorckle attributes the map to Bellin, it would appear that this attribution is in error. The map is quite rare, with only 1 example appearing at auction and one example in the catalogue of Antiquariat Norbert Haas (3,500 Euros).

McCorkle #758.1