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Fascinating map of a portion of Colorado and New Mexico, extending from Bent's Fort and the Arkansas River to Santa Fe New Mexico, showing Major Beall's route on his expedition agains the Apache Indians.

Following a series of Jicarilla Apache raids in 1848, then Colonel Benjamin Lloyd Beall sent a small detachment from Taos, New Mexico in pursuit of the raiding party, which fled into the mountains. The snow and weather drove the detachment back to Taos. Beall himself then headed a larger command, with Kit Carson as his guide, which crossed the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in search of the Jicarilla raiders. An Apache village was plundered and two prisoner's taken, both of whom were chiefs. On Kit Carson's advise, the chiefs were taken back to Taos, to impress upon them the fairness of the Americans and the benefits of a peace.

In February 1849, Carson was again called upon by Beall to engage the Apache. He led an expedition north to the Arkansas River to enforce the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and persuade the Indians to release Mexican captives held in their villages. The expedition resulted in a series of batles fought in the Arkansas Valley. Antonio Leroux, a French fur trapper and guide, was also in Beall's party.