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1575 Francois De Belleforest

Scarce world map by Francois De Belleforest, which appeared in the 1575 French edition of Munster's C osmographia.

De Belleforest's scarce map is drawn from the first edition of Ortelius' Typus Orbis Terrarum, with a change to the lower title and text in the upper left corner, outside the neat line. The map Includes a Northwest Passage and Northeast Passage, massive Southern Continent which is attached to New Guinea and includes the place names reported by Marco Polo.

A curious projection of Japan and Southeast Asia is shown. South America retains its curious bulge. The projection of America is based upon Mercator's Wall map of 1569, as is most of the other cartographic detail. Several sea monsters and a sailing ship appear in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

A nice dark impression of the first state of the map, which was re-issued by Chesnau also in 1575.

Condition Description
Old folds (from the original binding) have been flattened, with minor repairs at intersections. Remnants of rubrication.
Shirley 135.