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Decorative chart of the coast of Portugal, from the area just northwest of Lisbon to the Cape Saint Vincent (Vila do Bispo), oriented with east at the top of the map.

Lisbon is shown as a large fortified city with ship anchorages located as well a few soundings in the bay. Across the bay are large salt collection fields. Further south across from Setubal are even larger sea salt areas. The coastal shores contain a few place names along the Atlantic. Decorative cartouche includes Mercury and allegorical figures representing death & time as one figure and a female holding a flaming lantern with her eyes covered with a cloth that is being lifted by death.

Van Keulen's fine chart locates anchorages, shoals, soundings and many other deails and place names mostly along the coast of the North Sea. Includes a striking cartouche and other embellishments, richly embellished in old color.

Condition Description
2 sheet map, joined.